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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose .

  • Diabetes is a long-term condition that causes high blood sugar levels.
  • In 2013 it was estimated that over 382 million people throughout the world had diabetes.
  • Type 1 Diabetes – the body does not produce insuln. Approximately 10% of all diabetes cases are type 1.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – the body does not produce enough insuln for proper function. Approximately 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are of this type.
  • Gestational Diabetes – this type affects females during pregnancy.
  • The most common diabetes symptoms include frequent urination, intense thirst and hunger, weight gain, unusual weight loss, fatigue, cuts and bruises that do not heal, male sexual dysfunction, numbness and tingling in hands and feet.
  • If you have Type 1 and follow a healthy eating plan, do adequate exercise, and take insuln, you can lead a normal life.
  • Type 2 patients need to eat healthily, be physically active, and test their blood glucose. They may also need to take oral medication, and/or insuln to control blood glucose levels.
  • As the risk of cardiovascular disease is much higher for a diabetic, it is crucial that blood pressure and cholesterol levels are monitored regularly.
  • As smoking might have a serious effect on cardiovascular health, diabetics should stop smoking.
  • Hypoglycemia – low blood glucose – can have a bad effect on the patient. Hyperglycemia – when blood glucose is too high – can also have a bad effect on the patient.

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There are three types of diabetes:

1) Type 1 diabetes: The body does not produce insuln. Some people may refer to this type as insuln-dependent diabetes, juvenile diabetes, or early-onset diabetes. People usually develop type 1 diabetes before their 40th year, often in early adulthood or teenage years. Type 1 diabetes is nowhere near as common as type 2 diabetes. Approximately 10% of all diabetes cases are type 1. Patients with type 1 diabetes will need to take insuln injections for the rest of their life. They must also ensure proper blood-glucose levels by carrying out regular blood tests and following a special diet.

2) Type 2 diabetes: The body does not produce enough insuln for proper function, or the cells in the body do not react to insuln (insuln resistance). Approximately 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are type 2. Some people may be able to control their type 2 diabetes symptoms by losing weight, following a healthy diet, doing plenty of exercise, and monitoring their blood glucose levels. However, type 2 diabetes is typically a progressive disease – it gradually gets worse – and the patient will probably end up have to take insuln, usually in tablet form. Overweight and obese people have a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those with a healthy body weight. People with a lot of visceral fat, also known as central obesity, belly fat, or abdominal obesity, are especially at risk. Being overweight/obese causes the body to release chemicals that can destabilize the body’s cardiovascular and metabolic systems. Being overweight, physically inactive and eating the wrong foods all contribute to our risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Drinking just one can of (non-diet) soda per day can raise our risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%, researchers from Imperial College London reported in the journal Diabetologia. The scientists believe that the impact of sugary soft drinks on diabetes risk may be a direct one, rather than simply an influence on body weight.

3) Gestational diabetes: This type affects females during pregnancy. Some women have very high levels of glucose in their blood, and their bodies are unable to produce enough insuln to transport all of the glucose into their cells, resulting in progressively rising levels of glucose. Diagnosis of gestational diabetes is made during pregnancy. The majority of gestational diabetes patients can control their diabetes with exercise and diet. Between 10% to 20% of them will need to take some kind of blood-glucose-controlling medications. Undiagnosed or uncontrolled gestational diabetes can raise the risk of complications during childbirth. The baby may be bigger than he/she should be.

Diabetes symptoms

  • Urinating often.
  • Feeling very thirsty.
  • Feeling very hungry – even though you are eating.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal.
  • Weight loss – even though you are eating more (type 1)
  • Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands/feet (type 2)

Dangers of not Badly controlled Diabetes

Below is a list of possible complications that can be caused by badly controlled diabetes:

  • Eye complications – glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and some others.
  • Foot complications – neuropathy, ulcers, and sometimes gangrene which may require that the foot be amputated
  • Skin complications – people with diabetes are more susceptible to skin infections and skin disorders
  • Heart problems – such as ischemic heart disease, when the blood supply to the heart muscle is diminished
  • Hypertension – common in people with diabetes, which can raise the risk of kidney disease, eye problems, heart attack and stroke
  • Mental health – uncontrolled diabetes raises the risk of suffering from depression, anxiety and some other mental disorders
  • Hearing loss – diabetes patients have a higher risk of developing hearing problems
  • Gum disease – there is a much higher prevalence of gum disease among diabetes patients
  • Gastroparesis – the muscles of the stomach stop working properly
  • Ketoacidosis – a combination of ketosis and acidosis; accumulation of ketone bodies and acidity in the blood.
  • Neuropathy – diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage which can lead to several different problems.
  • HHNS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome) – blood glucose levels shoot up too high, and there are no ketones present in the blood or urine. It is an emergency condition.
  • Nephropathy – uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to kidney disease
  • PAD (peripheral arterial disease) – symptoms may include pain in the leg, tingling and sometimes problems walking properly
  • Stroke – if blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels are not controlled, the risk of stroke increases significantly
  • Erectile dysfunction – male impotence.
  • Infections – people with badly controlled diabetes are much more susceptible to infections
  • Healing of wounds – cuts and lesions take much longer to heal

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Testimony: Diabetes Pack Did The Magic

It came to my notice in 2012 when I went for check up that I was diabetic, my result read 386mg/dl. I was placed on different drugs, which seems to worsen the problem. My sugar level kept increasing instead of reducing.  I was introduced to many other products but to no avail. I travelled to Enugu last year (2016) when i saw the advert about this products, so i ordered.  When I used one jar of diawell, I went back for  a follow-up test, to my greatest surprise, my sugar level dropped to 250mg/dl. I was impressed and I ordered for one more jar, just using two jars of Diawell  my sugar level dropped again to 185mg/dl. Today, my health condition has improved tremendously and I am very healthy. To me, it waS just like magic! I have been preaching about the miracle to people.

–          Mr Geofrey Egbudo

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These pack contains 3 products;

Colon Cleanser 

Key Features

  • It detoxifies the body
  • It evacuates and cleanses the colon and the gastro-instestinal tract
  • It eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis
  • It promotes clear and healthy skin
  • It stimulates appetite

Modern life habits would easily cause digestive problems which is caused by much waste and bad bacteria being attached on the folds of intestine for several days or even for years, and this is harmful to our daily life. Colon cleanser tea serves as a protector and cleanser for the digestive system.

Quantity: One (1)




Key Features

  • Diabetes care/ Regulates blood sugar
  • It’s very effective for diabetes type 2, chronic atrophic gastritis,.
  • Regulates blood sugar and reduces thirsty feelings.
  • good for people with high sugar level.
  • Helps to re-balance back your blood sugar level.
  • Helps to reduce blurred vision associated to this ailments.
  • Improves general wellness and increased energy.
  • Diawell helps to  restore Insuln function needed to adequately breakdown this sugar levels.
  • Alleviates depression, sores, numbness and cramps.
  • Enhances your body cells to function optimally.

Diawell tablet is very effective for diabetes type 2, chronic astrophic gastritis, regulates blood sugar and reduce thirsty feeling. Its effective in strengthening the pancreas and improve insuln secretion to balance excess body sugar.It has thousands of testimonies from customers.
Main Ingredients:Ginseng radix rubric (hongshen)Rehmannia glutinosa (Dihuang)Cortex Phellodendri (Hangbai)Fructus lycii (Gougizi)Ophiopogonis radix (Maidong)Fructus schizandrae (Wuweizi)Coptis rhizome (Huanglian)

Quantities: Three (3)

Golden Six

Key Features

  • helps lower blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure
  • it relieves diabetes effectively 
  • Anti-virus
  • Chemotherapy support and HIV support
  • Claim down and anti-tic
  • Reduce allergies and anti inflammation
  • Prevent and release Bronchitis
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Stable blood pressure, reduce high triglycerides
  • Release altitude sickness
  • Inhibits platelet aggregations to prevent arteriosclerosis.

This product is the bright pearl among traditional Chinese medicine herbs when we consider that over 5000 years’ history, 7000 of the country herbs are known worldwide.Reishi means “herb of spiritual potency”. It has been used for more than 4000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is believed to be the oldest and one of the most respected medicinal mushrooms today.

Quantities: Three(3)

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