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  • Effective for Blood detoxification
  • Excellent herbal medicine for constipation release
  • Essential for Constipation Release
  • It effectively corrects the dysfunction of the digestive system
  • It relieves skin problem


Constilease is an herbal products with an evidenced function to improve action of the stomach and bowels (relaxing the bowels), kills bad bacteria, eliminate swelling and pains.
Constlease can decompose bacteria in bowels, activate action of bowels and accelerate easy movement in the intestural muscles, helping defecation, increasing water in the large intestine and soften hard feces. Meanwhile it normalises skin pigmentation, acne and skin disorders.
Constilease is a new product for constipation. It has been recognized in some developed countries including USA, Japan, Germany etc. Constilease is the only product that relieves syndrome of constipation without using rhubard. Furthermore, it helps women recover their beauty from the torture of constipation.


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