REISHI Capsule


  • Herbal Food Supplement
  • Self-Defense System and Anti-Virus


Reishi is a premier Tonic for the Immune System and Anti-Virus. Reish helps build the immune system and is great for the treatment of many immunodeficiency symptoms and acts as a detoxifier.
It helps treat some of the following:

Nephritis: Kidney Inflamation

Allergy: An abnormally high acquired sensitivity to certain substances, such as drugs, pollens, or microorganisms, that may include such symptoms as sneezing, itching, and skin rashes.

Fibroid: A fibroma or myoma occurring especially one that occurs in the uterine wall.

It acts as a Detoxifier: To counteract or destroy the toxic properties of a substance or to make a poisonous substance harmless or to overcome the effects of a poison.

Carcinoma, Hypertension and Hypotension, Poor Immune System, HIV Support, Malignant Cancer.

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