Slimming Belt

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  • Helps you achieve a desired body shape
  • Helps in burning fat and weight reduction
  • Helps in basic toning of the body with its unique oscillating movement
  • Aids the process of digestion
  • Enhances better blood circulation around the points of contact
  • It reduces muscles fatigue


  • The massager is a slimming belt. It provides a well-balanced treatment, zapping away unwanted fats at your tummy, butt, thighs and other areas more effectively and efficiently. It gives a harmonious massage. It cirulates warm air around essential points of contact, while improving blood circulation. It removes lactic acid and relieves muscle fatigue.
  • The designs for spiral vibration massage way in equal to a basic exercise effect. It is therefore most useful for persons not able to find time for exercises.
  • The product could be used under any kind environment yet it still gives you the joy and pleasure as if you are taking a massage at home for relaxation.
  • Helps you achieve the figure you are targeting with its slimming function
  • Assists in basic toning
  • Gives the feeling of a homely massage and lets you take a well deserved rest after a day at work
  • Enhances better blood circulation around the points of contact and reduces muscles fatigue


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